Patron's Message

Dr. Mufti Mohammad Mukarram Ahmad
Shahi Imam, Masjid Fatehpuri, Delhi

I am pleased to be a part of the Minority Development and Protection Foundation which Symbolises communal harmony of the community and is doing a yeoman's job in promoting understanding among various minority communities be sides their emancipation.
India is the largest democracy in the world and the contribution of the Muslim minority also is very great in taking the country to its overwhelming height. I am sure the community has the potential of producing many more Dr. Zakir Hussain & A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.
The efforts of the foundation for raising the living standards of these communities by making them financially and educationally strong to enable them to participate actively in restoring the glorious past of our country strongly wish that all the well wishers of the country extend their support & help of this foundation. My blessing and good wishes are with it.

Asghar Ali Imam Mehdi Shalfi
General Secretary, Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadees Hind

It was a great pleasure to learn that “Minority Development and Protection Foundation (MDPF)” has launched a Jihad (earnest straggle) to popularize the blessings of modern education among the minorities and the less privileged sections of the society. It will improve their standard of living by consolidating them socially and economically. It is a noble effort. I feel honored by your offer to patronize your foundation. I am thankful to you for this offer. It is very heartening to note that your foundation already enjoys the patronage of very devoted people. My good wishes are with your foundation. May Allah bless you all in your noble efforts in uplifting and protecting the rights of the minorities and the down trodden and grant you the spirit to continue to work for the prosperity of our country and the humanity at large. Amen.

Paramjit Singh Chandok
Chairman, Gurdwara Bangla Sahib

I am thankful to you for offering me the patronage ship of your foundation “ Minority Development & Protection Foundation”. It will be an honor for me to be associated with the foundation’s efforts in promoting the welfare of the minorities and the down trodden in every walk of life.
I congratulate you for excellent work your organization is doing under your sincerely for the cause of the minorities.
My whole hearted support will be at your disposal. I hope the foundation will continue to build on its strengths.

Mohammad Adeeb
Former Member of Parliament

I am very glad to know that the Minority Development and Protection Foundation is doing yeomen's services in promoting understanding among various Minority communities in our country. I hope they will serve the nation and try to make it the greatest nation in whole world. I wish them all success in future, "Allah peace be upon them".

Dr. S. Farooq
Director, Himalaya Drugs

Indians are proud of its pluralistic society where 20% people are enjoying equal opportunities with their 80% brethrens of different communities. The role of education is the highest in shaping the personality of any person, Mohammed Prophet (PBUH) emphasized this when he said I am city of knowledge and Ali (R.A.) is the Gate. In modern time Sir Syed realized this need of learning Science and English language and established first Anglo Arabic College in Aligarh which is a great University and whose Alumnus are spread through out the world and serving the humanity in various fields. Unfortunately inspite of this only 3% of our children reach up-to graduation. Even graduation is not enough. Today people want to be treated by a specialist (MD/MS) and not by an MBBS. Every Indian Citizen should be highly concerned about this and contribute for the upliftment of each community with all strength. A Rose is beautiful in whichever garden it blooms and we have to develop gardens. In the end I would like to congratulate Mr. Kaifi, Founder & Secretary General of MDPF & his team without whom this great organization could not have done this marvelous job.

Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan
Spiritual Leader

I am delighted to know about your dedication and sincerity for the upliftment of deprived and poor sections of the minorities especially the Muslims. I also feel that if a few more person like you stand for this noble cause then such sections of the Indian society will definitely get advantage. It is heartening to note that your foundation is laying great stress on the education of the minorities, particularly the Muslim. Definitely a person without education is like a rudderless ship. An uneducated person fails to interpret the scriptures, properly which sometimes, gives rise to inter- communal and social conflicts. As a matter of fact scriptures are meant for creating communal and social harmony. I am sure your organization ' Minority Development & Protection Foundation' (MDPF) will achieve the mission you aim at. Wishing my whole hearted support to you from my end at any time.

Sirajuddin Qureshi
President, All India Jamiatul Qureshi & India Islamic Cultural Centre

I am extremely happy to know that Minority Development and Protection Foundation have been seriously engaged in various programs for the upliftment of deprived and poor section of the minorities specially the Muslims. We can not escape from the fact that Muslims are legging behind in education, industry, health and participation in governance. Muslims' representation in the states' legislatures and parliament is negligible. We all need to work for improving the situation.
As President of India Islamic Cultural Centre (IICC) and as a responsible citizen, I would be happy to associate myself in the activities and programs of the Minority Development and Protection Foundation. I extend my best wishes to M. T. Kaifi, Secretary General, M. T. Saifi, working President and all associates of the foundation.

Dr. John Dayal
Secretary General, All India Christian Council

I was happy to learn of the activities undertaken by the Minority Development and Protection Foundation in the cause of the welfare of religious minorities and communal harmony in India. Many of the Constitutional guarantees on Freedom of faith have seemingly eroded somewhat with the passage of time, and political developments, specially in the last two decades.
The activities of religious and political extremist groups pose another danger to communal harmony and the security of religious minorities, specially the micro minorities such as the Christian community. It does not help to blame the central and state governments, even if occasionally government agencies, political units and individuals are identified as fomenting communalism, or targeting minorities. There is great responsibility on Civil Society to nurture secularism and communal harmony. Simultaneously, organisations such as yours also have a responsibility in ensuring communal harmony by being pro-active, not just for religious minorities but also for the cause of the marginalised, tribals, Dalits, women in all communities.

Majeed Memon
Senior Advocate

Witnessing tyranny, deprivation and injustice in silence is also a sin. Let us by this yardstick not allow ourselves to turn sinners. Together let us raise our voice against it so loud that even deaf rulers get shaken.The foundation has to take lead in this regard. My best wishes.

Mufti Mohd. Sana-ul-Huda Qasmi
Deputy Secretary, Imarat Shariah (Bihar, Jharkhand, & Orissa)

Lack of security and backwardness in every walk of life , educational and financial being the most prominent , are the key concerns of the Indian Muslims. The Sacchar report says, they are worse than even Dalits. Plans for improving their lot are announced at various levels but they remain confined to promises and slogans only. Today the whole world seems to be under the spell of Jewish lobby which is quite evident, not only from the sufferings of the Palestinians but also from the sacrilege of Masjid-Al-Aqsa. I am happy to learn that thru “Minority Development and Protection Foundation (MDPF)“ its founder Mr. M.T.Kaifi has been trying to create opportunities of employment and financial help for the downtrodden and save them from being arrested on the doubt of being associated with terrorism.The MDPF has been organizing successful symposiums also to draw the international attention towards the sacrilege of Masjid Aqsa. I hope he will continue his efforts for the upliftment of Indian Muslims. May Allah help him. My good wishes are with him

Dr. Mohsin Wali
Physician to the President and Prime Minister of India